Monday, 9 August 2010

The 'C' Word

So it eventually happens.  You get The Call (or glowing email).  You've finally done it.  Your MS has been accepted. It needs a little work, but...Yippee!! OMG! Sob!

However, in real life this all happens right at the end of July. Two days into the hideously massive school holidays and your youngest child has just dropped his Nintendo DS again.This time it's fatal and both of us are in deep, deep mourning...

The 'C' word.  Children. Chaos.Cacophony.

The first time I was asked how it felt to get The Email, all that came out of my mouth was 'I feel like I've been hit by a bus'. And that's no reflection on the amazing team at Embrace Books, they accepted me, I love them, but how much worse could the timing of all this been I wonder? Law of the Sod I guess!

I have notebooks, an E reader and lots of Ibuprofen. I have a head bursting with ideas and Lots Of Important Things To Do. I have quite a bit of Dolmio.  But do I really have to go swimming tomorrow?  And play cricket? And go crabbing ? And all the other stuff?

Yes I do.

So, lovely, professional writers with broods out there I'd love to hear your top tips for survival over the next few weeks, I really would! Please!

Will the stress make me really skinny? No I didn't think so.

I'll be back later in the week, hopefully not with green hair or anything.

Wish me luck!


Judy Jarvie said...

Oh Rachel I feel your pain (though luckily as in Scotland the school break happens earlier, they go back sooner too! Next week...pant,pant!)

Just to say, I share your 'issues'. I have bits to rework and I'm champing to do them but the kidlets won't permit it.

Only advice point; resort to notebooks and folders as therapy. When I don't have time to write proper I splurge at Smiths(it feels nice to have fresh clean paper) and a folder with dividers. That way I can scribble and plan. Then I don't turn Medusa on the kids because of 'writing delay' torture.

There's also chocolate. And if you ever need 'email support' you can find a link on my website (link on blog). You can do it! I just hope I can too! I'm gnashing my teeth wanting to blitz it.

Phillipa Ashley said...

I think this is the third time I've tried to post so sorry if you get three posts from me. I only wanted to say Congrats on your sale!

Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Judy, you are gorgeous and thanks for the advice. I've scribbled an email to you on a Sainsbury's Basics reporter's notepad. But still haven't sent it...Tomorrow. Only four mouths to feed then. Sob!

Phillipa. PHILLIPA ASHLEY! My heart stopped for a second there. I love your stuff! In fact I got so excited about It Should Have Been Me, that I ordered two copies from Amazon by mistake (gave my Mum the other one). Wow! THANK YOU!

Weep! Want to write more but meatballs really ARE burning now and laptop battery is so low it's on it's last gasp. Thanks for everything, ladies!

Phillipa said...

Ohh, Thanks, Rachel - and I know what it's like with Amazon. That 'one click' ordering is fatal! Enjoy every moment of your publication journey. P x

Kate Hardy said...

Rach!! How did I miss this?? (Thanks, India, for pointing the way.) Congratulations :o) So pleased for you!

Righty. Advice. What you do is plan your writing time impeccably. (Real life will get in the way, but planning will help you feel in control.) I work first thing in the morning before they're up (helps being a lark!) and then in the evening when their dad's home. And if there's a screaming deadline, there's always the "stick on a good film, make popcorn, and sneak off to write" approach :o) (Yup, that's me today.)

And notebooks. Judy's so right about notebooks. And the chocolate *g*

Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Kate! How did I miss you commenting soooo long ago? And this doesn't seem to be the only time either.


There must be some sort of comment alert thingy somewhere--will get there eventually! Hope you've got one and get this grovel!

Thank you, thank you...