Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Liberty, sunshine and inspiration

This bank holiday weekend was the first in a couple of years that I haven't taken as annual holiday or been working.  Yep, the 'day job' is no more and I can tell you that this must be how it feels like to be let out of prison (after being wrongly convicted obviously).

We had lovely family visitors for the weekend which meant a decadent takeaway on Friday, a boozy barbecue on Saturday and a fabulous time seeing the sights in the sunshine.

This is one of the gorgeous places on the South Coast we visited: Bosham in West Sussex:

Bosham is incredibly historic and among many other things is believed to be where King Canute did his tide turning stuff. When you check out the video below you'll see why he stood no chance!

There's plenty of car parking within a few yards of the shore that doesn't flood with the tide, so don't get caught out!

And then, strolling around in the sunshine with sound of church bells filling the air, I spotted this:

Now, romance writers, doesn't that notice start a few cogs whirring? A tiny seed from which a story could grow? The questions: what, when, how...Completely irresistable, huh? I know my imagination is going into overdrive with possibilities.

I'd love to hear your ideas on what could have led to the ring ending up where it is now. And what could happen afterwards!

I'm rather liking the idea of it being found by a tall, dark, brooding marine artist actually...