Friday, 6 August 2010

This is what happens next.

So, lovely blogfiends, you're probably wondering what a tin of Spam has to do with a writing blog, a romance one at that.

Well, those of you that know me well will understand perfectly and be very understanding when I disappear over the weekend. Yep, it's the 'day job' (and you thought it was pole dancing didn't you? Sigh).

Anyway, my two children (from now on to be referred to as The Beasts) are desperate  to recreate James May's aborted gourmet campervan meal.  For those of you that missed that episode of Top Gear, it was a succulent tranche of Spam coated in crushed Quavers. Last week we only had Wotsits and didn't think it would be the same but now we have the essential supplies.

Should I let them do it?

What do you think, bake, grill or fry?  Suggestions for side dishes gratefully received.

Have a great weekend everyone!