Monday, 18 October 2010

A Breath of Fresh Air

This weekend I was an old-fashioned, traditional Mummy in that I didn't work at all. I fed and clothed everyone of course, no avoiding that, but I didn't work in a wage-slave or writerly way. In fact, I only turned on my lappy to mop up Friday's emails and then - shock horror - turned the thing off!

Scary. And not always possible, but (inhales scent of orchards and wood smoke) very therapeutic. A short walk into the Hampshire countryside revealed the most gorgeous colours ...

And simple treasures underfoot. The squeals of excitement are still ringing in my ears!

I must confess to getting a bit excited about a tripler myself!

And who needs computer games when there are hundreds of these about!:

I didn't take my camera to the garden centre we visited on Sunday, but I wish I'd remembered as there's a very special resident there. It's the second time we've stood as a family under the boughs of an enormous potted tree and watched a cheeky little robin sing its heart out. I wonder what it makes of all the fake Christmas ones about at the moment?!

The camera didn't make it to Waterstone's either, where I discovered a lovely lady and local author Sarah Haynes signing copies of her book. THINGS HE NEVER KNEW is Sarah's first novel and you can find out more about her and her book here: And of course I had to treat myself to a signed copy, didn't I? It looks really good - can't wait to get stuck in!

I also made apple crumble. And got muddy.

It's Monday now though, darlings, so normal business resumes and I've completely run out of pilchards, darn it. So, I'll be back later in the week with a tricky little task for you all. You have been warned!


India said...

You are a goddess, and having seen nothing beyond my computer screen and the dust on the shelves above my desk all weekend, I'm green with envy. More so because I have a horrid suspicion you're also doing awesome authorly things in sensible working hours.

Can I come on a training course at your house?

Rachel Lyndhurst said...

I will come to you, chief goddess and sort out the oven. And then the fridge. And then pour you an enormous glass of prosecco.

When you have finished this latest beast that is ...

We're all missing you, darling.

Lots of love,


Sylv said...

Shudder at the spider haha. You were so busy this weekend but glad you had a great one. Better than last weekend ;o)

See you at school in a bit.

Phillipa said...

How I love getting out into the Great Outdoors, Rachel - even with spiders.

is it me or do those chestnuts look like Rubenesque bottoms? or am I a perv?

Joanne Coles said...

You are a much better mummy than me! We barely managed to get dressed on Saturday!!

Sounds like you had a fab weekend.

Rachel Lyndhurst said...

I think that spider in your living room takes top prize though, Sylv!

There was much discussion about the conkers, Phillipa. I said hearts, they said BUMS, so even if you're as pervy as the rest of us, you're more polite!

Joanne, it wasn't all selfless. I have learnt the hard way that if the little beasts aren't exercised like farm dogs, I don't get a minute of peace to read books or ogle the weekend supplements. And this weekend the Sunday Telegraph had a glossy, illustrated interview with David Gandy ...

Jane Writes Romance said...

Such fantastic photos!

My husband's heading off tonight to deepest Wales to help my daughter move her stuff BACK from university, as she's taking a year out. Her bf, who's been living with her there, has been seriously ill in hospital for nearly a month now, and they now think it's cancer. Poor boy, he's only about 22. So they're transferring him back to a Coventry hospital, to be nearer his family, and my daughter is coming home to be with him through the chemo etc.

And meanwhile I have to finish my novel in the next fortnight. With this poor boy so seriously unwell, and tearful phone calls flying back and forth, and arguments with irate landlords over rent not paid etc.

Wish I was there, having a large glass of vino and enjoying the scary spider's webs.

Rachel said...

Oh, Jane, I wish you were too. So sorry to hear all this awful stuff is happening. Big hugs to all.

Lots of love,


Jane Holland said...

Thanks, Rachel!

Sorry to hijack your lovely post in order to be so depressing.