Thursday, 28 October 2010

Half Term Horrors

I am having fun during half term. Really. I am.

Scary huh? Seeds and pulp everywhere!

What I'd really like to be doing is sitting right here:

In the magical Greek village of Lindos - where my debut novel STORM'S HEART is set.

Shameful self-promotion alert: STORM'S HEART will be published by Embrace Books early in 2011, so watch this space! We'll all need a sun-baked treat by then.

I'll be back on Monday to talk calendars!


Joanne Coles said...

Oooh you big tease! I need a sun-baked treat right now!!

Phillipa Ashley said...

Well, let me tell you that half term is even worse *without* the kids. I still have empty nest syndrome and persuaded Mr Bennet to book a holiday in one of my fave hot spots, Formentera. Have to wait until July though.

Can't wait for SH, Rachel P x

Rachel said...

Joanne, I know what you mean!

Formentera in July! Phew, Phillipa, that really is going to be a scorcher!