Monday, 22 November 2010

Permission To Squeal?

I am officially lost for words.

Storm's Heart has a cover ...

And Christmas has come early for me!  What a classy lot that team at Embrace are. I am over the moon with it and, to say the least, massively excited! Isn't it gorgeous?!


Judy Jarvie said...

Permission to squeal granted!

It's gorgeous. And excitement is not just warranted - a street party and a conga is required! jx

Jane Holland said...

That font for Storm's Heart is perfect, isn't it?

The reproduction here isn't as sharp as on smaller versions I've seen. But it will look utterly brilliant and eye-catching on Amazon Kindle, and that's the important bit!!

You can sit back and congratulate yourself now. A few proof-edits and it's all done.


Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Oh, Judy, you are so wonderful and I can't wait to see yours!

Jane, the hairs are standing up on the back of my neck - this is so very, very, VERY good!


Sally Clements said...

Yay! Its totally gorgeous, Rach! And I've got mine too! Dying to see Judys!!
x Sally

Rachel said...

Me too, Sally! Embrace have really done us proud!


Judy Jarvie said...

I have mine too! This deserves a group hug. Squeezing you both largely - so excited!

Phillipa Ashley said...

Cue Kins of Leon music...

ohhh yeahhh your cover's on fire-eeee!

Sorry. Must calm down. It's totally gorgeos, Rachel. :)

Rachel said...

Kings of Leon dude are we, Phillipa? My son has changed the words to 'my pants are on fire', which amuses me greatly(have no idea *where* he gets it from).

Fantastic cover though, isn't it? I have visions of my mother passing it around her quilters circle already...!!!!


Anonymous said...

I read the synopsis for this. It’s made me feel nostalgic. I used to work in my parent’s used book store during school holidays. During the 1990s, Mills & Boon had a massive collection of books based on the whole Greek Millionaire hero’s. The books were a lot like this book, penniless English girl, millionaire Greek guy and an indecent proposal or something shady. They usually had titles like “The Greek Millionaire’s English Mistress” or “The Greek Millionaire’s Deal” etc. There was an elderly lady who came in all the time to buy them called Edith. She passed away last year. When M&B changed trends (apparently the rich Arab Prince was far more exotic, wealthier, and generally Arabs tend to be tall unlike Greeks) and so we didn’t have as many Greek millionaire books because M&B said the demand wasn’t as great. Edith was devastated. If she were alive today – I’d get this for you Edith R.I.P

Sandy xxx

Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Sandy, that's a lovely story and thank you so much for sharing it. Also,thank you for taking the time to take a look at what Storm's Heart is all about - I'm very flattered.

Edith sounds like a wonderful lady, we'd have got on well I think as I must admit to having a great fondness for Greek millionnaires myself!

Take care, Sandy and thanks for visiting.

Rachel. X