Thursday, 27 January 2011

Things of beauty and small objects of desire.

Golly, it's been over a week since I blogged! Please forgive me and consider my wrists well and truly slapped. But I have been busy ...

I've been busy with the Calpol (both Beasts) and with arranging the gorgeous flowers C always brings me at the weekend:

I love the first tulips of the year, bringing the promise of spring and longer days.  Who'd have thought pollen could be such a deep, gorgeous purple either?

I have also been busy learning new tricks:

Now, I only got it because my old phone was literally falling to bits. And this one is going to be so useful - theoretically I could blog while standing in the queue at Sainsbury's, how clever is that? And if mousey nibbles the modem again I can still email for help. And you can make calls on it too!

But the last week's not been all fun, oh no, my new hero is really playing me up. He just can't seem to accept that Andreas Lazarides still needs my attention from time to time. I've told him he's only got to wait  a few more weeks until the Greek goes out into the world on his own (February 14th remember!), but he's being quite demanding nevertheless. The naughty step isn't working - he keeps dragging me onto it to keep him company, so I'm wondering if I should try reducing his protein intake. What do you think?

Mmmm, actually I think he could do with a lot more exercise.