Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A new dawn.

I looked out of my bedroom window yesterday morning and could hardly believe my eyes.

Isn't nature incredible?

And can't rummaging in the fridge be a bit spooky at times?

The DATE, look! No not Valentine's Day - THIS:

It's less than two weeks to go now and I think I might burst with excitement if I'm not careful ...


Mandy Baggot said...

I love the cover of your book!

Jane Holland said...

Bursting can be awfully messy. Especially if it happens while you're rummaging in the fridge.

Have you too got a blog tour lined up like Judy Jarvie? Or a few interviews?


Sylv said...

Let me know when you want to start getting the ball rolling for the launch, so excited for you xx

Rachel said...

Thanks, Mandy,it's gorgeous isn't it? In fact all the covers are pretty drool worthy. What a lucky lot we Embrace authors are!

Jane, never fear, it's all under control. ;0)

Sylv, chocolate. Eat it. Now.

India said...

Beautiful covers, beautiful sunrise! (If you'd described it to me rather than posting a photo I'd have thought it had something to do with an excess of cheese before bed. Or mind-altering drugs.)


Jane Holland said...

Good morning, poppet. If you haven't already spotted this, I think you should go and search your name on Amazon UK.



Rachel said...

(dust cloud)

Rachel said...

India, darling, I'm sorry - wasn't ignoring you. I just had to rush off and have a bit of a combust for a few hours after the 'news'.

All manner of things can happen after a spot of late night cheese, I must agree. Am very strict about the J Collis Browne's mixture though, if that's what you're getting at. :0)

Ranae Rose said...

That top photo is so gorgeous! Almost as gorgeous as your book cover... ;)

Rachel said...

Ranae, you're an utter darling! ;)