Sunday, 22 May 2011

Back to work!

The RNA party's over, the golden shoes are back in their box and I'm back to the laundry and dishes. However, here are a few of my favourite pictures of the day (many thanks to the ladies that took them- my camera never made it out of my handbag!):

Me and Catherine Miller - southern belles!

Me and editor of Embrace Books, Jane Holland (aka Victoria Lamb)at the Waterstone's pre-party Tweetup.

Me, Sally Clements and Talli Roland at the RNA party.
There's a full set of lovely pictures here on the RNA blog

And now I have just four full days before the half term break begins. Again! EEK!


Phillipa said...

Ah... the geriatric jam makers and knitters, eh?

You go, girls!

Talli Roland said...

Dear god, I look smashed!

Maybe I should have worn my control tops after all... and my pearls. *snort*

Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Phillipa and Talli, I know what you mean! Must take it easy on the Croft origianl next time.

It was a blessed relief to rip my bodice off when I got back though, I can tell you!

Frances Clarke's Book Page said...

This all looks such fun:)
Hello, *introduces self* I discovered the shenanigins via Catherine's blog when I checked in to see what she was getting up to!
best wishes