Friday, 1 July 2011

Forbidden fruit and Storm's Heart on the road

The Exec, Him Indoors and the father of my children travels a lot. Sometimes being a 'single mother' can be hard, but he always brings home gifts; wine, perfume, candles, blackcurrant mustard (oh yes!) and all sorts of continental goodies. This week he spent some time in Newport, south Wales, venue for the RNA conference next week. This is what he brought me back:

The naughty boy! He was egged on by the office ladies, I reckon, but quite a few of them have read Storm's Heart, so fair enough!  I giggled a lot and then scoffed it. It was yummy, so thank you Finance Department, Newport!

And it's not only The Exec who's on the road. The Chepstow Bookshop will very kindly be stocking Storm's Heart at the RNA Conference next week, and I'll be there too on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th, so please come and say hello if you're there.

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you're doing!


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Oooh, the very best of luck with your tour, Rachel. I so admire you (perhaps a little green with envy, too, lol). You've done a wonderful job and I wish you every success with tons of sales. Next stop, television studios.

Take care and have a great weekend, lovely lady.
CJ xx

Rachel said...

Kathryn, you are way too kind! Television studios eh? Now there's an idea. As long as it's not filmed in HD!

Have a fabby weekend, darling.

Ciara said...

I too know what single mom syndrome is like. :) I'm a follower now. Actually, It thought I already was. :) Oops.

Ranae Rose said...

You know you've made it when they name a fobidden fruits yogurt after you. :) lol

Teresa Morgan said...

Rachel's yogurts are great... and cherry is my favourite flavour lol! Ah, what a hero bringing back gifts.

Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Thanks for following, Ciara, I think I'm following you - will check!It's lovely to see you here. ;0)

It's not bad is it, Ranae? I'm loving the cover of Taken Hostage. Do you have a firm release date yet?

He is a total hero, Teresa, he really is. Less than a week to go to the conference now - squeak! See you there! XX