Monday, 11 July 2011

What a weekend!

This is going to be a short post because I Am Knackered. On Friday I caught the train to Newport for the Romantic Novelists' Association's annual conference and didn't stop talking until I left early on Saturday afternoon (suspect I was also yacking in my sleep!). I need to invest in a new camera as the indoor shots I took are very blurry (it was not the wine!), but there will be tons of fab photos coming through on the RNA blog this week, I'm sure. Here's a couple of exclusive snaps in the bar for you:

This is me and the fabulous Kate Johnson with her novel The Untied Kingdom. She was very kind and signed it for me. I shall be sneaking off into the garden to finish it once this blog post is done.

And this is a fave.

My editor Jane Holland couldn't resist the pool table in the bar - she's pretty good - I think she may have played before ... And never one to turn down a challenge was all round party person Mandy Baggot :

But sadly I couldn't stay for the whole conference. The Exec had a 'surprise event' booked for us early on Sunday morning, so I had to get home pronto. It was the most exciting Sunday of my entire life: The 2011 Formula 1 Santander British  Grand Prix at Silverstone.

The VIP car park alone was petrolhead heaven - there was even a Bugatti Veyron in there. Red carpets, champagne, lobster, fast cars and famous faces.

This is me and the utterly gorgeous and charming Tiff Needell in the Driver's Lounge and this chap:

I wonder what he's supposed to be? Any ideas?!

But this is the one I took home with me:

And now I need a lie down.


Amanda said...

I want the man in the angel wings and he must come to conference 2012!! It was brilliant to meet you finally and I urge people to buy your brilliant Storm's Heart because I really enjoyed it!!What a weekend for you! I am just about speaking to Jane Holland - I will be sharpening my pool cue for a revenge game next conference! Hustler she was!

Kath said...

Fab pics, Rach, and I can't quite believe how much you packed into your weekend. It was fantastic finally getting to meet you finally on Friday. Hope you see you again very soon!

Phillipa Ashley said...

What fantastic pics, Rachel and what a wonderful weekend with the Conf and your VIP trip to the Grand Prix. Thank you for sharing and btw you look fabulous.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

You look fabulous, Rachel. You have such a lovely smile on that first picture.

I keep seeing Mandy around the Internet recently!!! Looks a hoot!
CJ xx

Kiru Taye said...

Fab photos Rachel. I was green on Sunday when I saw your tweet about being chauffeur driven to Silverstone. I had to make do with watching at home. ;o)

Ranae Rose said...

Fun photos, looks like everyone had a great time! :)

Teresa Morgan said...

Lovely meeting you, Rachel. You disappeared before I could get you to sign something... anything...

Rachel said...

Do you think he was an angel, Amanda? His skin was very soft ... Thrilled you loved Storm's Heart! Please feel free to give in to the urge to leave an Amazon review - I will love you forever!

Kath it was SO fab to see you too (and a certain furry fellow). Thanks so much for making the effort to come down for the evening - it was a hoot wasn't it?

Thanks for the compliments, Phillipa. I did ask The Exec's permission before I stuck him up here, he was surprisingly unbothered! Can't WAIT for tomorrow - Ereader is poised and waiting for Fever Cure ... XX

CJ, Mandy IS a hoot! And a cracker on the pool table. ;0) X

Sorry about the greeness, Kiru. If it's any comfort my feet are trashed today! It was fab though ... XX

Ranae, I think it would have been difficult to have been miserable about anything this weekend. Not long until Taken Hostage is out now though, is it! Parteeee!!! XX

Oh Teresa, you looked so gorgeous in that dress - I have a blurry pic of you somewhere in the bar. There wasn't enough time was there? If it's not your chest your want signing drop me an email and I'll sort something out!X

Teresa Morgan said...

Ah, thanks, Rachel. You didn't get to see my sparkly frock for the Gala Dinner...

No, thanks, I'll let you off signing my boobs! :-P (How embarrassing!?)

Rebecca Emin said...

What a lovely blog post with superb photos. I love your cat-that-got-the-cream smile on all of the photos of you with your three hunks. Pretty lady :o) x

Sally Clements said...

Wow, you lucky thing - wonder what's up for next weekend? Seriously though, this is all (cough) good research - vital checking out of millionaire type things. V impressed.

Sylv said...

Lovely pic Rach, and glad you managed to get one of the Exec too ;)

Love the blog and what an adventure for you.

Forgot to say, I will be writing a review of Storm's Heart on our new website over the next week, will let you have a read once it is done.

Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Darn, Teresa! I'm a sucker for a sparkly frock - glad you had a fun time. X

Rebecca, you're very kind. I got lucky with the hunks didn't I? Just heard Johnny Depp was on the Isle of Wight for 3 days while I was gallivanting. Typical!!

Sally, it was perfect for research. A bloke behind me was chatting to his mate about his forthcoming wedding - the honeymoon was costing him 30K!!I'd love to know where he's going!

Thanks, Sylv and I'm really looking forward to your review. X

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