Monday, 11 July 2011

What a weekend!

This is going to be a short post because I Am Knackered. On Friday I caught the train to Newport for the Romantic Novelists' Association's annual conference and didn't stop talking until I left early on Saturday afternoon (suspect I was also yacking in my sleep!). I need to invest in a new camera as the indoor shots I took are very blurry (it was not the wine!), but there will be tons of fab photos coming through on the RNA blog this week, I'm sure. Here's a couple of exclusive snaps in the bar for you:

This is me and the fabulous Kate Johnson with her novel The Untied Kingdom. She was very kind and signed it for me. I shall be sneaking off into the garden to finish it once this blog post is done.

And this is a fave.

My editor Jane Holland couldn't resist the pool table in the bar - she's pretty good - I think she may have played before ... And never one to turn down a challenge was all round party person Mandy Baggot :

But sadly I couldn't stay for the whole conference. The Exec had a 'surprise event' booked for us early on Sunday morning, so I had to get home pronto. It was the most exciting Sunday of my entire life: The 2011 Formula 1 Santander British  Grand Prix at Silverstone.

The VIP car park alone was petrolhead heaven - there was even a Bugatti Veyron in there. Red carpets, champagne, lobster, fast cars and famous faces.

This is me and the utterly gorgeous and charming Tiff Needell in the Driver's Lounge and this chap:

I wonder what he's supposed to be? Any ideas?!

But this is the one I took home with me:

And now I need a lie down.