Sunday, 23 October 2011

On the move!

Apologies for neglecting you, darlings, I've been doing a spot of this:

Research can be sizzlingly good ...

However, for my sins and decadence (and very, very hard work) I need to spend the next week doing more than a little of this:

(Please note, I have spared you the pictures of the dirty laundry pile, broken car and vomiting child that going on holiday inevitably brings.)

Yup, it's school half-term and Halloween, so the domestic goddess pinny is very firmly on. Normal service should be resumed by 31st October. Woooooo!!!!

See you soon!


Teresa Morgan said...

Hope you had a fab holiday, and enjoyable read... did you get through all the research? (I love calling reading research. I have to remind hubby IT IS work).

Glad you ended on a fit bloke too :-P

Javid S. said...

OMG did you carve this pumpkin? That is perfect! :)

Sylv said...

Hope you have had a lovely week. Broken car? Sick child? Oh dear, hope all OK now though. Looking forward to hearing all about it when we meet up Friday :) Enjoy half term and see you soon xxx

Teresa Morgan said...

Oh, and Rachel, just because you post such beautiful pictures, there's an award on my blog for you to collect ;-)

Phillipa said...

Have a fabulous time, Rachel. Impressive um... pumpkin. What a big 'un. :)

Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Thanks for the award, Teresa, that's really kind of you. Glad you like Miguel!

It's dead easy, Javid, you just need a pen to draw on the face, a sharp knife to cut out the face and a big spoon to scoop out the 'brains'! Great to see you here!

Car and child all fixed now, Sylv. It's a standing joke in this house that something always goes wrong with the car after it's been in Gatwick Airport parking. Fortunately this year's 'fail' was a cheap one! Child just ate too bloomin' much!

Size IS important, Phillipa! *snigger* XXX