Thursday, 1 December 2011

Be kind to yourself

Yesterday was all set to be a right proper gloomy one. Strikes, rain, the economic abyss, a hacking cough, a child with a hacking (and puke-inducing) cough and another child who was just plain bored. The chances of getting any proper work done were slim to say the least, so for once I just didn't try.

Do you know what I did? I read a book and, horrors, watched TV.Yep, I did! I never, ever have the telly on during the day if I'm on my own, it just seems far too indulgent. I didn't go mad - just the one film: That Touch of Mink with Doris Day and Cary Grant. Well, talk about fab! It had all the scrummy things I love in an escapist romance - the hero even buys her a brand new designer wardrobe to take on their round the world trip!

Just taking a break for a few hours like that had me bouncing out of bed this morning, ready to face the day with gusto. Times are hard and Christmas preparations can really grind you down in the end if you're the one doing it all. So be kind to yourself now and then, think of it as an investment ...

Here's the Bergdorf Goodman fashion show put on for our heroine, Cathy Timberlake:

Which frock would you choose?


Phillipa said...

I know just what you mean about all the doom and gloom, Rachel - it pays to avoid the news and escape every so often. I missed Touch of Mink but I did resort to recording the 1938 Errol Flynn version of Robin Hood last week ( I wonder if the rumours about him were true..)

Thanks for a cheery, festive post!

Rachel said...

Hehehe! Those rumours about Errol Flynn were spot on,Phillipa, I just know it! Wish I'd taped Robin Hood now!

Sylv said...

OOOO u devil u but as u say, weather is so gloomy and relaxing now and again certainly doesn't hurt.
We have a small tree this year and that is up with pretty lights on tinsel around the bannisters and homemade decorations on the door, main lights out and its looks very festive.
Went into Aldi today and treated myself to their own brand of Baileys, think might just have to open ;) at their prices will be able to afford another bottle before xmas :)

Judy Jarvie said...

Oh Rach - I love Doris and especially That Touch Of Mink! I have it on video (yep, remember them) and it's been made in aqua plastic! How cool and 50s is that.
I'm a bit partial to Calamity Jane and Howard Keel in suede clothing too!