Friday, 27 January 2012

Just passing through!

I'm madly busy and things are looking like getting even more frantic in the weeks to come what with book launches, editing and (gasp!) actually getting some writing done. It would help, of course, if the offspring could evolve sufficiently to do simple stuff like pick up bath towels and snotty tissues, but you can't have it all.

I am not alone. The lovely Elizabeth Loan gave me a copy of her new book Memoirs of a Mom on the Edge, Part One: Martinis & Menopause to read and I polished it off in delicious little chunks while chained to the stove and washing machine last night. Here's an overview:

Ever wondered how men develop temporary blindness when there are dirty dishes in the sink or children covered in goo? Curious about the legitimacy of stretch marks and saggy breasts as “badges of  motherhood?” Ever cursed cottage cheese  for its bland taste and  resemblance to the cellulite hiding on the back of your  thighs (how  does consuming a food that looks like cellulite banish it?)? “Memoirs of a Mom on the Edge, Part One: Martinis & Menopause” scrutinizes the  conventional wisdom of ‘everything female’. Using her own life as a  springboard, Loan takes on all the taboo topics,  leaving no stone  unturned.

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I really enjoyed it! I would even say it brought a little of the devil out in me. Now I wonder if I'm too old for a tattoo ...