Friday, 30 March 2012

Something for the sunny weekend!

It's been a fabulous sunny week here in the south of England, but if it's not been so good where you are, don't worry, the lovely Annie Seaton has agreed to come and spread some joy while I get interviewed over at Manga Maniac Cafe later today.

Over to you, Annie!

As the autumn chill begins to creep in down here in Australia, I begin to anticipate our annual winter holiday.

Even though we live by the beach, it is wonderful to head north when the cooler weather arrives in July (The first photo I have included is taken a little way from my house and is where I sometimes sit and write—you can see my laptop in the foreground!).

When I am not writing at that little bay, I sit in my writing chair and gaze at the tranquil Pacific Ocean and the stories flow. On the very rare occasion when they are a bit reluctant to be told, I go for a walk on the beach and the muse comes back with a vengeance!

Water is my element and feeds my creative process and so far, each one of my books has boats and islands as the central focus.  My sequel to Holiday Affair is set on an Italian island and I really think a visit may be necessary to walk on that beach! After all, I do have to give you, my dear readers, an accurate representation of the setting! Look forward to Italian Affair.

Every July for the past ten years or so, my husband and I have chartered a bareboat sailing catamaran with two or three other couples, and sailed around the seventy-four islands of the Whitsundays. If you need your batteries recharged and want to take the opportunity of experiencing Mother Nature at her best...this is the trip to take.

Seven days and nights of lazy life basking in the winter tropical sun.  Deserted islands, fantastic snorkelling, great food and wine, and of course the opportunity to laze on the deck and read a book with the sails snapping above.

Each of the descriptive Whitsunday scenes in Holiday Affair was based on a real place and my visit to them. At Butterfly Bay, I stood entranced among thousands of black butterflies.

Each evening, the five crew members and the skipper (my husband) would all vie for the best sunset photo of the day and many of these actual photos can be seen on my face book photo gallery! (annieseaton26)

We would wander along the beaches at the islands where there were resorts and listen to the many different languages of the back packers as they enjoyed the Whitsunday experience.

Of course, romance is always in the air and the romance of Nick and Lissy was inspired as I watched tanned backpackers stroll hand in hand along the beach.

I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the Whitsunday Islands with my readers. I would love to give away a copy of Holiday Affair.

Nick and Lissy meet on a romantic cruise in the Whitsunday Islands. Do you know where the Whitsunday Islands are located?

Drop me a line using the contact form on my website ( and the winner will be drawn on the 8th April and will receive a free e-copy of Holiday Affair which is available on  Amazon 

Thanks for sharing a little bit of your wonderful world, Annie. I absolutely love Holiday Affair and I was going to ask you about those butterflies, but now I know!