Friday, 25 May 2012

The sun has got his hat on!

Well, guess what? I didn't make Exbury Gardens last week because the Exec was ill. And then I was ill. Typical! So we're going tomorrow unless something unexpected happens, and I'll be taking my camera, so you've been warned!

Last weekend wasn't a complete washout though; look what I found in our local antiques centre Chesapeake Mill :

A fab bit of vintage paste for ten pounds - might have even been around in 1952 when The Queen was being crowned - who knows? Isn't it lovely?

So, I'm well and truly ready for The Queen's Diamond Jubilee now. I shall wear it all day and eat coronation chicken and sherry trifle. Hurrah!

I rather think I should whip up an appropriate cocktail or three to toast Ma'am with as well. What do you think?  All suggestions gratefully received - I'll need to test them out before the big day!