Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A little bit of half term fun

Annie Seaton tagged me in this fun little post. Basically I am going to tell you four things on various topics that you may not know about me. And it’ll kick some life back into this neglected blog!
Here we go:

Four places I have worked:

 A satellite manufacturer

A lingerie department

A railway depot

A holiday insurance company

Four movies I could watch again and again:

Monty Python’s Life of Brian

Forrest Gump

The Terminator

Dead Poet’s Society

Four TV Shows I watch:


BBC news

Being Human

Dad’s Army repeats.

Four Places I have travelled to:





Four Authors I enjoy:

Sue Moorcroft

Anne McAllister

George Orwell

Howard Jacobson

Four websites I visit daily:



Novel Rank (OCD)

Barnes and Noble (more OCD)

Four favourite foods:

Roast pork crackling

Murgh Charga and fresh tandoor-baked naan

Anything with tzatziki in Greece.

Potato crisps

Four places I'd rather be:

Looking out over the sea from my (dream) cliff top Amalfi villa

Drinking fine wine in the sun in my (dream) castle with 10ft walls and no neighbours.

Somewhere it doesn’t rain during school holidays.

With The Exec, anywhere.

Four people I want to tag:

Teresa Morgan
Denyse King (D.J. Kirkby)
Sally Clements
Judy Jarvie

This is just a bit of fun, but if you've been tagged and you want to play, please make your own list and link back to me. :0)