Friday, 21 September 2012

It's all Greek to me ...

Golly, you turn your back for five minutes and look what happens; someone in Athens translates your book!

This is the Greek version of Kidnapped by the Greek Billionaire and I must say, I'm as thrilled with this cover as I was the original. So, if you need to brush up your Greek, here's the link to Anubis where you can grab a copy. Don't worry though,  you can still get the English version at Barnes & Noble , and .

October is going to be a lively old month for me, so watch this space for news and updates.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

September? Is it? Crikey ...

It's been so long since I last blogged that I'd forgotten my Blogger password this morning, but here I am after a very long summer break. And the break was good. Fun, sun (just a little bit of that) and research trips cunningly disguised as frivolous days out with the children. So even though I wasn't here or doing social networky stuff, I was working. Kind of . 

Here are some pictures of what we've been getting up to Chez Lyndhurst and they're all linked to the works in progress I have going on right now:

 This is the magnificent front end of a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost at Beaulieu Motor Museum. This story kicks off with a rather scary Oligarch with a weakness for expensive vintage cars and a certain type of compliant female. I have just the woman for him. He's going to get quite a shock ...

 A few yards away was this beast; a 1960's Wolesley. The one in my story is red and also has an owner that adores her. He's a Brit and somehow he's got to get a crutch, two tetchy adults and a crate of beer in there.

Ruthless ambition, corporate backbiting and a Greek socialite on the run in the depths of the New Forest. Luxury yacht charter doesn't get much tougher than this ...

This modern day Cinders had better get her vacuum cleaner out - this place has a LOT of fireplaces to clean. And she has serious authority issues. Watch out, mysterious hero, she's handy with an iron poker!

 And finally some serious beach combing to mend a broken, cynical heart?

I didn't actually go here, but my lovely friend Annie Seaton did and very generously allowed me to use her pictures. Thank you, Annie, I'll make it down there someday!

So, I have a LOT of writing to finish, starting now . However, I'll be popping in and out as often as I can and have some lovely visitors scheduled on the calender too. And, please, nobody mention Christmas ...

Back soon!