Friday, 12 October 2012

Phillipa Ashley asks: Is your hero for you – or your heroine?

I'm thrilled to welcome award winning author, Phillipa Ashley to my blog today to share her thoughts on romance heroes.

Is your hero for you – or your heroine?
 At a recent talk, Sue Moorcroft asked a room full of romance writers a very interesting question:
‘Are your heroes written for you or for yourself?’

My hand shot up instantly: for me, of course. Isn’t everyone the same?
Er, by the silence in the room, it seems not.

One category writer was incredulous: her heroes are for her heroine alone. “I’m happy for her and him bu he always belongs to her.”

Then I was worried because I end up falling a little for all of my men, despite being very happily married to the same fabulous man for the past 25 years.

But then the same writer said: ‘Oh don't be.  I know a very successful writer who confessed that she writes every book with the same hero who she’s fallen in love with. She even uses the same name and only changes it at the end.  His motivations and actions are different but in her mind, he’s hers and always will be.’
Well, I don’t exactly do that, I’m more of tart in that I’ve been faithful to a host of different men ove the course of 8 books - but it’s an interesting concept.

Perhaps, in a way, our heroes can only ever be variations on a theme. They have to be men we could fall in love with – by the end of the story at least, and as we know what makes a man a real hero in our own minds, that character can’t really deviate too far from our ideal.
He may look different, act differently, but fundamentally, he will  take the course of action that we as his creator, think is the right one.

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Phillipa loves to hear from readers and you can find out more about her at her website or maybe say hello on Twitter -  @phillipaashley .