Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Devil to Pay is released!

Yep, that's right folks, The Devil to Pay is now live.

Official blurb

Rianna Peters is used to struggle. To support her family, she works as both accountant for the town quarry and clerk at the local grocery. Trapped in the small Welsh town, she wonders if love has passed her by. Then a disastrous encounter with a handsome Italian and a packet of washing powder fires her fantasies. However, her dream man has come to close the town’s major employer, the money-losing quarry.

Mining CEO Daniel Bracchi is stunned to discover the clumsy but attractive store clerk in the quarry office. Although he’s against mixing business with pleasure, the feisty Rianna intrigues him. Despite his feelings, his no-strings romantic approach and the town’s potential destruction stand between them.  

From green South Wales to glittering Portofino, they fight their attraction as Rianna’s small town grit clashes with Daniel’s privileged attitude. Between them lie secrets, a community’s survival, and their own bruised hearts. Are the stakes too high for even love to overcome?

The seed of an idea for The Devil to Pay was sown in a supermarket. After putting my accountancy career on hold and spending a decade as a stay at home mum, I took the plunge and applied for a weekend job to rebuild my confidence. I did Rianna’s shelf-stacking job for twelve hours a week for two years. The small monthly wage paid for everything related to my dream of becoming an author and the inspiration flowed. The opening scene of The Devil to Pay is a direct result of this time. I never dropped washing powder everywhere, but there was fabric conditioner, very smelly antiseptic and a large quantity of pasta sauce …

Available as an eBook from: , and The Wild Rose Press

Have a great weekend everyone!