Tuesday, 17 December 2013

'Tis the season ...

To wish all my friends and readers a very merry Christmas, happy holidays and a fabulous new year. 

 See you all in 2014!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Billionaire Bundle: Interview with Nina Croft.

This week my contemporary romance The Spanish Billionaire's Hired bride was re-released as part of Entangled Indulgence's The Billionaire Bundle. The other two books are The Boss and Her Billionaire by Michele De Winton and Blackmailed by the Billionaire by Nina Croft. 

And lovely Nina is here today to answer some probing questions about the hot topic  this week: Billionaires!

Are your heroes always billionaires?
Not always, though all my contemporary romance heroes so far have been billionaires. Luc, the hero of Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire, actually owns his own island off Italy—we’re talking seriously rich here.
But I also write in a number of other romance sub-genres, including paranormal and sci-fi, and the heroes of those stories are usually not billionaires. Or perhaps, it’s rather that the subject of money rarely comes up. But then they do have other attributes…

We all write about billionaires, but just what makes rich men so sexy?
For me it’s a power thing. And while it’s not essential, money often goes hand in hand with success and power.
Of course, I could also mention the champagne and the private jets (Luc whisks Lia off to his island on a private jet while plying her with champagne…) but that would make me sound shallow.

Do you write what you know? (as in how many billionaires are you acquainted with, and can you introduce me to any?)
It’s so sad, but I don’t know a single billionaire—where are they all hiding? For that matter, I don’t even know any millionaires.
But I do have a very active imagination.
Actually, I very rarely write what I know, I love making things up. Some genres lend themselves to that much more than others (with paranormal and sci-fi romance there is no limitation but your imagination) but there’s still a lot of scope in contemporary romance—just explore your fantasies.

So we all love men with money – but what’s the next most important attribute you think a hero should have?
I’m going to have to think about this one, otherwise there’s a good chance I’ll come across as shallow… again (Hey, maybe I am shallow). But shallow or not, for me a hero has to be good-looking, gorgeous, stunning, totally sexy.
I could say they need a sense of humour, or they love animals, or loyalty to their friends and family, and while I’ve written heroes with all of those qualities, they are not essential. Being drool-worthy is.

Do you prefer your billionaires to be self-made men or old money?
Self-made, definitely. I like a hero who maybe has just a bit of a rough side, who’s been around, had to struggle, and maybe not had things easy all their lives—it’s character building. While Luc comes from money on his Italian mother’s side, his father was a small-time crook, and Luc grew up in the seedier parts of London and even spent time in prison.

What are you working on right now, a billionaire or something else?
I’m working on a paranormal romance for Entangled’s Covet line. It’s actually a sequel to a book releasing later this month, Operation Saving Daniel. Daniel actually was a billionaire, but with Bastian, the hero of the second book, I’m not even sure of his financial status. We’ve never actually discussed money. But he lives in a penthouse in London and drives a Ferrari so I suppose he must have quite a lot. On the other hand, he’s a sorcerer, so maybe he just waved his wand and they appeared…

Thanks for talking to us today, Nina, and don't forget the giveaway we've organised to celebrate this release. Enter below to be in with a chance to win Monopoly Millionaire, chocolate coins, a selection of backlist eBooks from all of us and a $10 amazon giftcard (or £ equivalent) ! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Nina Croft grew up in the north of England. After training as an accountant, she spent four years working as a volunteer in Zambia which left her with a love of the sun and a dislike of 9-5 work. She then spent a number of years mixing travel (whenever possible) with work (whenever necessary) but has now settled down to a life of writing and picking almonds on a remote farm in the mountains of southern Spain.
Nina writes all types of romance often mixed with elements of the paranormal and science fiction.
Find me at:Website Twitter Facebook

Monday, 11 November 2013

A bundle of billionaires - Entangled Indulgence omnibus releases today!

Ricardo Almanza is back!

Teamed up with two other mind-blowingly alpha billionaires from Michelle De Winton and Nina Croft, Entangled Publishing presents The Billionaire Bundle.

A convenient triple bill starring The Spanish Billionaire's Hired Bride, The Boss and Her Billionaire and Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire, there's plenty of sunshine, glamour, intrigue and romance to keep you enthralled for some time. And you deserve some total indulgence, don't you? Or maybe someone close to you does. I wonder if the Duchess of Cambridge would like a copy to lie in the bath with while Wills does his bit for a few hours? Catherine, if you would, just drop me a line!

To celebrate, Nina, Michelle and I have arranged for a fun giveaway that should add some November sparkle as well. How do you like the sound of Monopoly Millionaire, chocolate gold coins, a $10 (or GBP equivalent) amazon gift card as well as one  digital back list title from each author?

Just enter below to have a chance of winning and the giveaway ends on November 18th , so get cracking!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Billionaire Bundle eBook will be available just about everywhere, but here are some instant links for you and I'll add the amazon.co.uk link when it goes live.



Happy reading!

Monday, 14 October 2013

An outback adventure!

Just popping by to shout about my lovely Australian friend, Annie Seaton's, brand new Affair Series novel which is out today! And my quote is on the cover, how about that?!!!

I was thrilled to be able to read this book before release, but it wasn't until I downloaded my own official copy that I realised there's a bush tucker recipe from the story at the back of the book which sounds irresistable. And it looks like I can buy lemon myrtle online, hurrah!

Outback Affair is on sale now at amazon.com , amazon.co.ukB&N and just about anywhere that sells eBooks.

It's a wonderful book.

Monday, 23 September 2013

On the back of a bus, not just looking like one ...

Yep, here I am, not attached to a keyboard, but upstairs in the back of an open top vintage bus. Such fun!

I'm over at The Hot Pink Typewriter today sharing some of the things I got up to when I took a week out to recharge my batteries. And how it filled up my ideas box. Hop over and have a peek!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Half way through summer hols and flagging!

I have been a shockingly bad blogger, I know, I know, I know ...

However, we are just about half way through the UK school summer holidays now and I'm still functioning. Sort of. Juggling revisions and jolly day trips, as well as having visitors to stay is proving to be great fun.

And the sun has been shining! Look at this gorgeous cloud formation over the Solent  the other morning.

I'm over at The Hot Pink Typewriter today with a few insights into how I scrape through periods like this, having learned the hard way a few times. I was planning on have the summer off, haha!

Hope you're all having fun!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


UPDATE: The crazy 99c sale is now over, so many thanks to all the gorgeous readers who snapped up the bargains and sent both my boys rocketing back up the amazon.com charts. I hope you enjoy your summer reads!

For today only you can grab an eBook copy of Kidnapped by the Greek Billionaire  and The Spanish Billionaire's Hired Bride  for just 99 cents!

It's an Amazon.com Daily Deal so it really only will last for one day. So ... why not browse all the Entangled Indulgence books on sale today , load up your kindle for the summer and congratulate yourself on having bagged a complete and utter bargain!

Hope you're all enjoying summer so far!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

New covers!

Just nipping by to show off the new covers Entangled Publishing has given my Indulgence books.

Andreas Lazarides is looking suitably cool and unflustered with his new look, perfect for a scorching hot day down the beach. (Do  not forget to apply protection ... hehe!)

And Ricardo Almanza is still hotter and more fiery that an August lunchtime in Seville. (Don't be mean with the ice cubes)

Now, back to work I go, especially to the research side of things:

This will make sense next year in 2014, I promise!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Italian Affair? Yes please!

Monday morning and it looks like being a bit of a cloudy one, but, deep joy, I have a brand new Kindle delivery. How can a cover like this not brighten up my day?!

Free-spirited sex therapist Brianna Ballantine has four days to find a fiancĂ© so she can inherit her birth mother’s Italian villa. Commitment is not on the agenda. Writing her sex therapy book and signing legal papers are. And once all is said and done, she’ll return home to Scotland.

For finance guru Tomas Richards, relationships have been a bad investment—give him stocks and shares any day. When Tomas offers a marriage of convenience to help Brianna secure her inheritance, the sizzle between the sheets promises an affair to remember, despite family complications at every turn.

But Tom must convince Brianna to stay, and make this Italian affair a lifelong commitment.

I've been waiting for ages to read this new Entangled Indulgence release from my lovely Australian friend, Annie Seaton, so the post holiday laundry sorting and dump runs can wait. So can the dishwasher. And the cat won't mind me sitting down to read all day one little bit (nice warm lap). In fact I opened Italian Affair before I even had my first cup of tea and read the dedication - very intriguing! I'm jolly glad I've managed to get a chance to interview Annie over at The Hot Pink Typewriter on Wednesday 12th June because I have many probing questions!

Annie is hosting a riotous launch party on Facebook today, so if you want to beat me to it on the questions front, now's your chance! There's lots of lovely Italian food and drink too. Delizioso! The door is wide open here .

Curious about that dedication? Here are the links if you want to have a peek:
amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

Right, you know what I'm doing for the rest of the day. :0)

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Half-term holiday horrors: a remedy!

I've finally whipped the feather duster out and discovered my trusty laptop still works in spite of the dust that's accumulated on it - so here's an update on what I've been up to in the last few weeks.

After too many rain-soaked, miserable UK school holidays in the last few years we decided to chuck some money at the problem and leave the country for a week in search of some sunshine. Without upsetting the schools by taking the children out in term time, of course ...

No internet, no phone (I trod on my hideous Blackberry the day before flying!) just sun, sand and a selection of paperbacks I wouldn't normally read. And no trudging up hundreds of steps this year - ten seconds to the beach is quite enough. The view from our balcony and the master bedroom:

There was a flat screen telly in the apartment, but there were only two English speaking channels: BBC Global (surprisingly dull) and something called Clam with cartoons. Although after a few cervezas TV Canaria had its moments, reminding me of how innocent Saturday night viewing used to be in the UK. This is one of my favourite bits - it might have been the beer but I still laughed myself silly.

There were also a few 'firsts' on this holiday: I didn't take a hairdryer, didn't wear makeup on the beach and did no more catering than boil the kettle for tea. However I did go into a restaurant and say (for the first time ever) "I'll have the lobster."

Seven days passed all too quickly and I felt very sad to be coming home, but I needn't have worried because  things were kind of similar back in the UK. The sun was shining, my Blackberry still didn't work and someone doing roadworks in the Portsmouth area had severed Virgin Media's big fat underground cable. Thus, no broadband internet or television for 48 hours. Maravilloso! 

Seven washing loads later and I've broken the back of the washing, so it's just another book to write before the big summer holidays hit ... but I'm feeling ever so relaxed these days:

And The Exec has given me his iPhone 5 ... hehe!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Another brief update.

A Sicilian Engagement was submitted to my Entangled editor last weekend and I've spent the following days having a much needed clear up before revisions/edits come through. And there are at least three more books to write now as another contract is on its way. All good!

We didn't manage a family holiday last year and to be honest the adults in the house are starting to wilt, so this year we're going to try and have two. Which means my teenage daughter will get three holidays as she's going to Paris with her school  - what a life they lead these days, eh? Good job my tempestuous Greek hero Andreas is still working hard to pay for it all! So I have bags to pack and fake tan to apply and .... twenty million other things to do, but in a very nice way.

Anyway, I have done a smidge of writing work this week including a blog post at The Hot Pink Typewriter , so it would be lovely to see you over there.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, 5 April 2013

A brief wave and a lovely book ...

I'm super-bogged down with deadlines and school hols and all that jazz, but I just wanted to pop by and do a quick blog update and share a little something that's put a smile on my face.

Some time ago a fellow Entangled author and friend, Victoria James, let me read her latest manuscript A Risk Worth Taking and I was smitten with it. I'm not just saying that because I write for the line, it's a really lovely romance and I have to admit that Victoria managed to wring a tear out of me at the end. So, imagine how delighted I was when she asked me if I'd give her a cover quote when it came to be published. My quote on her book, how fab would that be?! Well, it happened and I'm thrilled to bits:

Holly Carrington is a rising star at a successful interior design firm. Everything she has worked for is coming to fruition. But when tragedy strikes and Holly returns to her hometown to secure her orphaned niece’s future, she finds herself in over her head—in more ways than one.
Quinn Manning can’t believe Holly asked him to help her renovate the house she grew up in. The last time they saw each other Holly confessed she loved him. He walked away, even though all he wanted to do was kiss her. The chemistry between them now can’t be denied. But can Quinn convince Holly to give up her big-city dreams and risk her heart, or are they destined for heartbreak…again?

 So consider A Risk Worth Taking as being totally and wholeheartedly endorsed! And of course it's available to download in all the usual places including amazon.com , Barnes and Noble and iTunes

I'm still working hard on A Sicilian Engagement so that, hopefully, you'll be able to read it in the autumn and guess what? It's still freezing in the UK!

I'll be back soon but a hot Italian beckons ...

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Yep, busy seems to be my middle name right now as I'm trying to cram in as much writing before the Easter school holidays. And then I hope I can pretend I'm a cat ...

A cat that eats chocolate rabbits, naturally.

(Whoa, that has to be the shortest blog post I've ever done. Ms Super Slack!)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Absent with leave - I'm well-behaved like that.

Today I'm over at The Hot Pink Typewriter talking about my love/hate relationship with technology. I'd love to see you over there!

Friday, 1 March 2013


At least that's what the calendar says, 1st March, and it still feels like we're in the grip of the longest winter ever here in the UK. So here's a jolly picture I took a few moments ago (with the heating on full blast) to remind us all that spring will come eventually ...

Hobbit and I just hope it comes soon, like this weekend!

It's been a very busy time in Lyndhurst land, so here's a quick update on what I'm up to on the writing front. I'm currently writing A Sicilian Engagement, book three in the Entangled Indulgence Mediterranean Billionaires series, which is due to be published in the autumn. After that I'm really excited about a small Indulgence continuity that I'm writing with Inara Scott and Victoria James which will be out early in 2014. There are also another couple of projects on the go that I can't say too much about at the moment, but be assured they will won't be short on alpha males and luxurious, exotic locations. And then there's the one involving a cross channel ferry and a very old car ...

I'd better get on with it!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Back to normal ... ish

Today I'm over at the Entangled Indulgence authors blog recovering from Valentine's Day. And then I need to do some grocery shopping. And some serious writing ...

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Lurve is all around us ...

...because it's Valentine's Day of course!

I'm over at The Hot Pink Typewriter today revealing my Valentine Celebrity Crush of the day and how he'd get me to blush. I do actually do that from time to time, you know, however shameless and brazen I may appear. :0)

My co-contributors are spilling the beans too - pop over and take a peek!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Party time!

EntIndulge-webbanner-1yranni(STATIC300x250)Doesn't time fly when you're having fun? 
The Entangled Publishing Indulgence line is one year old on February 12th 2013. There's going to be a great big party to celebrate – everyone is invited!  There will be prizes, chat and games and chances to win ALL the Indulgence titles, meet some of the authors and generally indulge yourself. 
Here’s all the information you’ll need: 
Join the Indulgence Party on Facebook to talk to the authors, answer questions and win some pretty cool prizes! The schedule is as follows 
Time:Noon – 4pm EST.
February 5th
February 7th
February 11th
February 13th
February 21st
February 26th
February 28th

Want to get your hands on ALL the Indulgence books? Well, this month you can! 
When : February 4th – February 28th (Weekdays). Time : 9pm – 10pm EST.  
Where : Twitter! If you’re not following us yet, follow now at @indulgencebooks ! Hashtag : #IndulgeYourself.
How : Starting February 4th, follow the #IndulgeYourself hashtag on Twitter! We’ll be tweeting clues, you need to figure out which Indulgence book the clues refer to and a random winner gets a copy of the book! :)
These clues will be related to any of the following:
  • Book Cover
  • Blurb
  • Quotes
For reference, you can find a list of all our Indulgence titles here! You can refer to this list when we give out the clues.
Not bad, eh? And there’s more!:On February 12th, we’ll be hosting a Grand Prize Giveaway full of Indulgent Goodies, over on the Entangled blog! Don’t miss it!

Monday, 28 January 2013

It's hot and it's pink ...

Today I'm over at The Hot Pink Typewriter , a fantabulous blog run by some incredibly talented writers. And they've asked me to join in as a contributor! So today is my first post and I'm answering a few probing questions about me.

I'd love you to pop over and say hello.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A brief, hoppity-skippity update.

I'm pleased to say that 2013 in Lyndhurst land is kicking off very nicely indeed. Yes, we had some utterly foul weather and the schools closed for a bit, but it was very pretty:

And all good research ... :0)

Yesterday I heard that the translation rights to The Spanish Billionaire's Hired Bride have been sold to a Greek publisher, so Ricardo is hot on the heels of Andreas again. Those alpha males, I don't know ...

Then, this morning I signed a three book contract with Entangled Publishing LLC which means I'm going to be a very busy author this year and a very happy one at that.

So I must get back to my new Sicilian hero immediately - he's just cracked open the bubbly!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2013 ... Is it, already? Crumbs ...

Well, 2012 was nice. Very nice. Santa brought me a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas and the Prince of Pussycats finally got his own throne to watch telly in:

Technically, I'm back to work but the little human beasts aren't, so I'm still on catering and picking up soggy tissues duty until Monday. And somewhere along the line I promised myself I'd write 100k words in 100 days.

Hmmm, I'll be back here some time in April, then. Ha.