Monday, 28 January 2013

It's hot and it's pink ...

Today I'm over at The Hot Pink Typewriter , a fantabulous blog run by some incredibly talented writers. And they've asked me to join in as a contributor! So today is my first post and I'm answering a few probing questions about me.

I'd love you to pop over and say hello.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A brief, hoppity-skippity update.

I'm pleased to say that 2013 in Lyndhurst land is kicking off very nicely indeed. Yes, we had some utterly foul weather and the schools closed for a bit, but it was very pretty:

And all good research ... :0)

Yesterday I heard that the translation rights to The Spanish Billionaire's Hired Bride have been sold to a Greek publisher, so Ricardo is hot on the heels of Andreas again. Those alpha males, I don't know ...

Then, this morning I signed a three book contract with Entangled Publishing LLC which means I'm going to be a very busy author this year and a very happy one at that.

So I must get back to my new Sicilian hero immediately - he's just cracked open the bubbly!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2013 ... Is it, already? Crumbs ...

Well, 2012 was nice. Very nice. Santa brought me a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas and the Prince of Pussycats finally got his own throne to watch telly in:

Technically, I'm back to work but the little human beasts aren't, so I'm still on catering and picking up soggy tissues duty until Monday. And somewhere along the line I promised myself I'd write 100k words in 100 days.

Hmmm, I'll be back here some time in April, then. Ha.