Friday, 1 March 2013


At least that's what the calendar says, 1st March, and it still feels like we're in the grip of the longest winter ever here in the UK. So here's a jolly picture I took a few moments ago (with the heating on full blast) to remind us all that spring will come eventually ...

Hobbit and I just hope it comes soon, like this weekend!

It's been a very busy time in Lyndhurst land, so here's a quick update on what I'm up to on the writing front. I'm currently writing A Sicilian Engagement, book three in the Entangled Indulgence Mediterranean Billionaires series, which is due to be published in the autumn. After that I'm really excited about a small Indulgence continuity that I'm writing with Inara Scott and Victoria James which will be out early in 2014. There are also another couple of projects on the go that I can't say too much about at the moment, but be assured they will won't be short on alpha males and luxurious, exotic locations. And then there's the one involving a cross channel ferry and a very old car ...

I'd better get on with it!

Have a great weekend everyone.