Friday, 3 May 2013

Another brief update.

A Sicilian Engagement was submitted to my Entangled editor last weekend and I've spent the following days having a much needed clear up before revisions/edits come through. And there are at least three more books to write now as another contract is on its way. All good!

We didn't manage a family holiday last year and to be honest the adults in the house are starting to wilt, so this year we're going to try and have two. Which means my teenage daughter will get three holidays as she's going to Paris with her school  - what a life they lead these days, eh? Good job my tempestuous Greek hero Andreas is still working hard to pay for it all! So I have bags to pack and fake tan to apply and .... twenty million other things to do, but in a very nice way.

Anyway, I have done a smidge of writing work this week including a blog post at The Hot Pink Typewriter , so it would be lovely to see you over there.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.