Friday, 14 March 2014

Spring is sprung, the grass is riz ...

...I wonder where that Lyndhurst woman is?

Well, I'm still here! It's been a grim winter of rain and wind for a lot of people in the UK and I'm very grateful to be able to say that everyone in the Lyndhurst household didn't get too caught up in it even though we're on the south coast of England. There was a slight 60 foot hitch a the bottom of the garden at one point though:

I've been writing like a mad woman since I last blogged and have doing quite a lot of other things like a mad woman too, but I'll save that information for another day if the men in the white coats don't get me. :0)

Okay, so here's the serious bit:

There will be at least two new books out from me in 2014; Blackmailed by the Billionaire Brewer (Passion Creek series, #3) in May and A Sicilian Engagement in late summer/autumn. So keep an eye out here and on Facebook and Twitter for the hottest news as it breaks. I'm sure I can think up some fun giveaways and stuff as those release dates approach too.

And here's the fun bit:

I try to write books that have an element of fantasy and Hermes bags full of luxury to carry my readers off to another place for a few hours. Away from the rubbish bins, laundry and cat litter of life. But you know, sometimes it's easy to forget what the world is like outside that front door , so I was thrilled to be asked out to dinner recently. Yes, dinner!One that I didn't microwave myself.  Posh frocks, best lippy, high heels and all that. So here are a few snaps of my whirlwind trip to the Savoy in glamorous central London.

Travel was first class...

...and so was the book I was reading!

The taxi dropped me by the entrance, but I didn't have too much time to take pictures as champagne beckoned, but check out that fountain:

The vast lobby was breathtaking, all art deco glamour.

And floral arrangements ...

... everywhere!

Tinkling pianos ...

... and elaborate cocktails.

Powder rooms that put my entire house in the shade
- certainly a lot more clean towels on hand that's for sure!
(I think this lady has had a few too many G&Ts!)

Top class nosh, naturally.
And London flashing past me as I was chauffeured home and turned back in Cinders again.

And finally, a very important Captain of Industry asked me that night if my trip to the Savoy  would inspire a new book. Now there's a thought - I think it just might!

Happy reading in the sunshine everyone! Or snuggled up warm inside with a beverage if it decides to rain/snow/blow again.